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Born To Be (Hated)

From the album "Wrack And Ruin"

From the album "Memoria Atras"




Dead Trust

From the album "El Último Minuto (Antes de tu Mundo Caiga)"

From the album "Tiempos De Furia"


Bite Me!

From the album "Ofensor"


Bienvenido A La Maldad

Release date : 10/03/2006

Animation video by Chak-1

Release date : 19/01/2008 (?)

Directed by Edward Mavskegg

Release date : 15/03/2011

Directed by Crazy Clip TV

Release date : 27/20/2014

Directed by Torvic Martínez

Release date : 20/11/2015

Directed by Carlo Roberti


I Abomination

From the compilation "Electrostorm Vol. 8"

Release date : 25/04/2017

Directed by Moritz Maibaum