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Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga start their first musical project, named Niñera Degenerada.



After the false start of Niñera Degenerada, Erik (Erk) and Oscar (Rasco) have created Hocico De Perro, that will quickly become Hocico.



Hocico release is first demo tape Misuse, Abuse And Accident (30 copies made).



First show at Erk's house, on the February 18th. They also try to work with a guitarist, but without success. At the end of the year, they release their second demo tape, Autoagresion Persistante.



Release of the third, and last demo tape, Triste Desprecio.



With the success of their demo tapes, Hocico sign with Opcion Sonica and release this first album Odio Bajo El Alma. The band also sign with Out Of Line and Sub/Mission Records to distribute this record in Europe.



The first EP of the band, El Día De La Ira, is release with Opcion Sonica. 500 copies were imported to Germany and hand numbered by Out Of Line. It is followed by Cursed Land, only in Europe, and the first live album, Los Hijos Del Infierno, recorded during the Tierra Electrica Tour 1998.



Second full-lenght album, Sangre Hirviente. Hocico is also signing with Interbeat Records to invade US dancefloors.



Aquí Y Ahora En El Silencio is release as an EP. This is also the year chosen by Rasco to launch his side project Dulce Liquido, with his first release, Disolución.



Untold Blasphemies is the first maxi CD release by the band, to introduce Hocico's new album.



Signos De Aberracion is launch in Europe and USA (with Metropolis Records). This record is the first who comes in a "boxset edition" (who's now a tradition with every new album release of the band). Out Of Line also repress a new edition of the EP El Dia De La Ira.



A new EP, Disidencia Inquebrantable, and the remix compilation Hates Never Dies, also coming in a book edition, with all the three demo tape and bonus tracks. Rasco release the second record of Dulce Liquido, Shock Therapy.



A new maxi CD, Born To Be (Hated), also release in a vinyl edition, annouce the new album Wrack And Ruin, the first Hocico's album who's coming in a vinyl boxset edition. Also the last, probably 'cause this limited edition (1000 copies) takes about 6 years to be out of stock.



The band record this second live album Blasphemies In The Holy Land, in Israël, during the Wrack And Ruin tour.



Hocico record is first live video DVD, A Través De Mundos Que Arden, at M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim (Germany) on August 13th 2005. Erk also launch is own side project, Rabia Sorda, with this first single, Save Me From My Curse, a prelude to this record Metodos Del Caos, release at the end of the year.



A new single for Hocico, About A Dead, annoucing a new album (for the next year), and the maxi CD The Shape Of Things To Come, only available during the Out Of Line Festival Tour 2007.



The beginning of the year start with Hocico's new album Memorias Atras, introducing an edition with a wonderfull woodenbox (the first of a beautiful family), and at the end of 2008, the band give us Tora! Tora! Tora!, a new live CD (also available in a Assault Bag Edition), like a great gift for Christmas.



A year without news from Hocico, but on his side, Erk worked on a new maxi CD, Radio Paranoia, introducing is second album Noise Diary, also release in the same year.



After a year without new sounds, the band is coming back with a compilation of his complete discography, Crónicas Letales I to IV, for a total of 103 songs in 8 disc ! Before this huge release, they give us a new maxi CD, Dog Eat Dog, and their sixth album, Tiempos De Furia.



After the launching of the maxi CD Bite Me! (this video clip), Hocico took advantage to their Russia shows to give to us a new live record, audio and video release in a CD + DVD edition (in a woodenbox for the luckiest of us) named Blood On The Red Square.



After working on their personal projects (the compilation The Art Of Killing Silence and the maxi CD Eye M The Blacksheep for Erk and Rabia Sorda, the compilation Contaminacion Armonica for Rasco and Dulce Liquido), Hocico release a new maxi CD, Vile Whispers, one month before his new album El Último Minuto (Antes De Que Tu Mundo Caiga).



After this last maxi CD, Erk release Hotel Suicide with Rabia Sorda. During this time, Rasco look in this old Yamaha keyboard and find a lot of old songs and demo (1989 for the oldest !), Hocico give to his Hocicones the wonderfull compilation Los Días Caminando En El Fuego (20 Years Keeping The Blood Boiling) with a special edition presented in a Aztec pyramid woodenbox (also available in regular edition of course).



On the August 30th of 2013, Hocico celebrated is 20 years anniversary with a special show in Berlin. Almost a year later, the band immortalize this moment in a new CD + DVD live album Die Hölle Über Berlin. Erk, Rasco, thanks for this birthday's gift ! To complete this year, Rabia Sorda launch is new EP Animales Salvajes.



In March, the band release a new maxi CD, In The Name Of Violence. Later in the year, they give us another maxi CD, not a new song, but the massive hit of the band, Forgotten Tears. Finally, at the end of October, Hocico annouce is new album Ofensor.


Rabia Sorda announce is new MCD King Of The Wasteland in June, like an introduction to a new album for the band ?