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During the year 1989, in Mexico City Erik Garcia (Erk Aicrag) and Oscar Mayorga (Racso Agroyam) wanted to express their feelings about the world around them : permanent violence and missing human relationship. The way they found to exorcise it is by using technology to created their own music, influenced by varying currents of electronic music. One of their first influence is the electro industrial band "Skinny Puppy". They started with their project Niñera Degenerada (Degenerate Nanny), but, due to limited material (portasound keyboard, homemade instruments...), the project didn't pierce.

Erk and Rasco started a new project, named Hocico de Perro (Dog's Muzzle) in 1992, with better materials (like a Casio keyboard for Rasco). Step by step, this new project has grown and the band started to record their first tracks during 1993... The begining of a long way to the top of dark electro music, now renaming Hocico.



1994 began by the first show of the band, at Erk's house, on the 18th of February. The show received good feedback from friends and local scene. At the same time, they started to distribute their first demo tape, Misuse, Abuse And Accident, of which where made only 30 copies. After this first live experience, they began booking concerts all over Mexico City, and country.



In April 1994, Erk and Oscar tried to play with a guitarist, but he didn't find is place in Hocico's music and left the band only one month after joining.



From July to October 1994, Hocico worked on is next release : Autoagresion Persistente. With dark and oppressive sound, and lyrics about pain, offense, sex, suicide and death, the band found this way to share is vision of life by the music they have produce. This second demo tape obtained some review with good feedback in Mexico, but also in the USA and in some european countries (Belgium, Slovakia...). The band has been acclaim like the pioneer of the new dark electro scene, who's slowly growing in Mexico.



With the bands Oxomaxoma, Deus Ex Machina, Cenobita, Soucerx and Kristi Artefacturn (clic to access to official website or sounds from the bands), Hocico created the Corporación, an association to promote electro bands from Mexico City. This association have organize a lot of shows and events, but does no longer exists.



During the same period, Hocico continued to perform concerts in Mexico city and everywhere over the country. And they also worked to the next step of their dark electro massive attack.



In the first months of 1996, Erk and Rasco launched their third release, who was still considerate like a demo tape, Triste Desprecio. In this new record, they see humankind through furious eyes like a desolated being and  reduces him to an incomplete being in world with a homocentered vision of what happens in life, like a being one lacking in intelligence enough to survive in a community. They show feelings of sadness and deep impotence through hardship and troubled times. The existentialism is evidently marked. Like the previous tape, it received positive reviews from critics and public, and helped the band to sign with Opción Sónica for his first album Odio Bajo El Alma. To launch it in Europe, Hocico joigned Out Of Line (for Germany) and Sub/Missions Records (in Italy).



With Out Of Line, Hocico took a new turn and was ready to explose in front of the evil side of the world. Since 1997, the band never stopped to evolve this music to became one of the best representative of the dark electro and industrial musical style.



Without A God, About A Dead, The Shape Of Things To Come, the most recently hit Bite Me!, and the cult-floor-filler Forgotten Tears, so many songs who are now cult, and made us dance and scream. All these feelings that there's only the Hocico's music who can put words on it, make them one of the most influential bands for over twenty years. Often copied, never equalled...



"Hocico is our way of living and thinking. It is the way in which we see the behaviour of the world, and how hope, deception and hate maintain a constant fight inside the human conscience."




I hope their God never finds us