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Hi Hocicone !


Hocico.net is not the official website of the mexican dark electro band "Hocico" (pronouncing "osziko" please !), but just a website made by a fan for celebrate the group, and try to be the best database for every fan of the band. In this website, you can find :

- complete discography (albums, singles, lives...) ;

- full videography ;

- tours history and incoming dates ;

- informations about Hocico's side projects ;

- and many more...

If you find any wrong, incomplete or missing informations, don't hesitate to contact us !

gege - webmaster

July 18, 2019

Artificial Extinction is now out

The new Hocico's album Artificial Extinction is now out on CD, 2LP and Limited box edition !

July 18, 2019

Vinyl issue for the three 1st albums

Odio Bajo El Alm, Sangre Hirviente and Signos De Aberracion are now available on double colored vinyl fort the first time !

May 14, 2019


Listen Psychonaut now, and be introduced to the next album. And if you cannot wait for more, Hocico have announced a new song in two days... Stay tuned !

April 16, 2019

Hocico.net is back

After one year of silence, Hocico.net is now back from the dead. The next few days, the site will be uploaded with news from Hocico and Rabia Sorda, to be completely updated and ready for the next album coming this summer ! Welcome back Hocicones !

April 05, 2018

Rabia Sorda's new album is coming !

Rabia Sorda have just announced a new album "The World Ends Today" for the 4th of May. Pre-order and full details here

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What's new ? (from the Hocico's world)

18.06.2017 - "Sangra el Cristo" lyrics added (thanks Fabrizio !)

25.04.2017 - I abomination video and lyrics added

07.02.2017 - Tour dates update

14.01.2017 - Tour dates update

09.01.2017 - Ofensor back cover from the regular edition added - see page

Minor adds (on Hocico.net)

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